"Yuguan Tales"-My First Story

I just published the first three chapters of the first season of Yuguan Tales. The series will be about a guy named Dave who moves to a little friendly city called Yuguan. The whole series is a combination of genres that I labeled as “drama”, but this season has a strong romantic side-genre due to the presence of a “cutest couples competition”. However, there will be fewer romantic themes in future seasons. Season 2 will be a mystery. What are your thoughts on my plan? What genres would you like to see in future seasons?


I think it’s a good idea that you have a guy main character as there are very few of those. I think the mystery genre is great. I don’t know what your plans are for the story, but maybe incorporate some subtle scenes of mystery in the competition. In my opinion, a lot of romances get boring.

I agree. I’m planning on making some sort of conspiracy plot in Season 2, so I may hint at some of it in this season.

Yuguan Tales is now officially published,

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