Yuna's splash shop! 💕

You’re welcome!

is mine done :pensive::pensive:

Almost, but you Can 't follow people on the forums, zo I’m gonna change the text

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Oh ok forgot

When is it going to be done

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Please be patient. It will be done this evening or tommorow.

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Do you like this?

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Yeah but Can you use this background

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Hey! I’m sorry, but the pose is a bit too hard… Do you have another one?

Hello! (: I would love if you’d help a girl out. Honestly, take your time, if you have a bunch of stuff lined up I’m fine to wait or if you don’t want to do it that’s alright lmao.

Character Details: ( I have a few characters if that’s ok?) (ink)
Arthur: Skin tone- taupe
Brows- thin arch
Hair- Generic short hair (auburn)
eyes- stoic almond (green)
Face- Diamond
Nose- button
Lips- Uneven (taupe)

Enzo: The exact same as Arthur but his hair is Long Bangs


Pose of character(s)
Arthur: Idle_angry_arms_crossed
Enzo: Idle_phone_hold_sad
How many splashes
Text you want on your splash:
‘Episode 1.’
Could I have it in a text message lay out next to Enzo on his phone maybe?
like this:
Theme of story: Mystery/ horror-ish/ adventure

This is the description of the story bcos I don't know how to describe it lol


Of course I’ll do it! :two_hearts:
But I don’t really get what you mean with the text message. Do you have an examples or a simple sketch? :heart:

Ill make a sketch right now, and thank you :heart:

I just made that, maybe you could use that?

Okay, that’s perfect! Thank you!

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What did you use

Can you do me one

Statement: Episode 1: Where is all began! in blue fire o a phoenix background

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thanks just pm/dm me it when it finish and let me know how you would like to be credit

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