ZADDY - Art Request Thread! (Semi-Realistic Art)


So I’ve decided to do art requests on the forums because I need more practice :blush:
I don’t think I’m ready to do commissions yet so I’ll be happy to do art for free!

Sorry if this topic isn’t super flashy or cute like most of my topics, I couldn’t be bothered making banners :sob:

Example: Realism

Example: Lined


Please don’t rush me, treat me disrespectfully, or make unrealistic demands. I’m doing this for free therefore I have every right to reject your request and refuse to do you a piece.

Time: Pieces can vary from 3-7 days, sometimes longer!
Questions: If you need an immediate response, contact me via instagram @ episode.zaddy


Please list your details in an organized manner :two_hearts::cherry_blossom:

I don’t do Edits, so please refrain from sending your ink/LL details!



talented af


Omg you’re really good! Those examples are amazing!


Thank you :cherry_blossom:


Your art is amazing!!! I really want one edit because I love digital art and I’m confused about how to describe the details :frowning:


Hi I’m interested in requesting a cover.How do I request?Do I need to fill any form template or something?
And maximum how much day period do you take to draw 2 or three characters (not full but just half) :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry :upside_down_face:


Oh my god your amazing! can i message you details? xx


That or you can do it in this thread :cherry_blossom:

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I stated my time in the topic.

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I’ve been waiting for you to make a thread!!! Your art is literally perfection :heart_eyes:


Can I request something like your 4th example?
Here’s my girl:
Face Shape: Oval
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Upturned Bold Green
Hair_ Straight Black
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Full Round Rose
I’d like the same pose!
Outfit: All in black!
Size of art: 420x580

Your art really is amazing and I would love to use it for my story! Thank you so much :heart:


You are awesomeeee!

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Details have been PMed you.

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This is amazing, you art is amazing! :heart: My eyes popped when I saw this thread. :rofl:

Bumpity Bumpi Bump


Omg you are soooooo good

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I just want to let you guys know, when you make request I’m not obligated to do it. I’ll message you if I’ve decided to do yours.

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I have a question, can we describe a portrait? Or would you need a picture and all?

Zaddy! You have such beautiful art…and now you’re opening a request thread??

If so, here’s some details on my request…

Physical Details

Skin Color: A tan- ish color please
Eye Color : Light brown
Hair: Long Hair, with side bangs
Hair color: Black roots, brown tips ombre


A peace sign. If you can do that? If not, just some cute model pose?


A crop top hoodie? And if your doing the legs (it’s up to you, I don’t really have a preference) just some black leggings would suffice

Type of Art

If possible, could you do realistic? If not, that’s fine!


A neutral color… Like a gray or something?

Info on me
  • I don’t have ig, so if you need to contact me, please do it through the forums
  • Episode User: Cassandra Dean
  • Forums User: Cassandra Dean
A Message to You

If you do decide to do this request from me, thank you! I know you don’t have to do this request and that you have every right to turn this down so I would be so happy if you did this. I would of course use this request (as my profile pic) so don’t worry about me was tune your hard work. Once again, I hope you accept my request!
-Luv, Cassandra Dean

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Hey guys,
Requests will be delayed because I got the flu :sob:
Need to rest and not stress myself :cherry_blossom: