Zapcatini's outline contest WINNERS

hello everyone! I am well aware that my OC literally ended over a month ago but I FINALLY chose the winners and this post is to congratulate them (:

FIRST PLACE: @Defenestration

I think that your entry is gorgeous. You put your own spin on the outline, and it’s totally your own style. It just works together and it’s super visually appealing.

If you have an instagram, let me know so I can tag you in the post on there, but otherwise, you can PM me and we can discuss your prize!

SECOND PLACE: @NellyFromEpisode

I was literally blown away with the colors and the composition of your work. I love the way that you integrated your style into the piece, the outfit, the background, everything is gorgeous and just works together.

DM me on Instagram or PM me on here to discuss your prize!

Okay holy shit…

It was so goddamn hard to choose winners for this, but I absolutely LOVED all of the entries. Next time I do an OC I’ll probably have a third place slot as well loll.


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Congrats everybody :pleading_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi! Thank you for first place!
And yes, I have an Instagram (which I should post more often on) and it’s @crackedcharcoal


Congrats winners! :heartpulse::heartpulse:

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Yaaaess congrats yall :smirk::blob_hearts:

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