Zap's art scene/cover commissions :)

hello all, you may remember me from a few years ago as the author of Inner Circle which was featured as an Editor’s Pick. anyway, I do art. if you’d like an art commission for an art scene in your story or small/large covers I’m your girl.


small cover: 15$ starting price
large cover: 20$ starting price
art scene: 20$ starting price

one & two characters will be base price, for every extra character it will be 4$. complicated backgrounds or objects/poses may be extra. you must provide detailed pictures of your characters and/or references for the poses you want. I reserve the right to turn away requests or charge more for certain requests. you must credit me as @zapc4 on instagram either with a reader message or at the end of the episode :slight_smile:

turn back time is about a week but it may be shorter or longer.




art scenes (semi-realistic style):

I accept PayPal. contact me through either private messaging here or on my instagram @zapcV.

have a nice day guys!


You should move this to “art resources” so more people can looking for artists will see it :slight_smile: The Feature/Art Suggestions section is for us to suggest features/clothing/animations to the Episode team.

Your art is beautiful by the way. :slight_smile: Good luck!

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