Zeah Will Do Free Edits For Y'all! [OPEN]

Thank you! This looks great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Could I request two characters with their fingers/palms touching? I know it might be complicated so if you need me to change it, let me know :heartpulse:


Something like this? Without the googles/headwear and with their mouths closed.

Character Details

Body: Neutral 03
Eyebrows: Straight Medium - Chestnut Brown
Hair: Medium Side Curls - Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep Sunken - Blue Deep
Face: Chiseled Angular
Nose: Hooked Grecian
Lips: Medium Heart

Oxford Cap Toe Leather White, Wedding Uniform Cotton White, Blazer Formal Bowtie Collared Neutral White

Body: Beige Green Light
Eyebrows: Arched Thin - Black Dark
Face: Heart Soft
Hair: Updo Pony Wavy Long - Black Dark
Eyes: Female Generic - Grey Cool
Lips: Full Heart Pouty - Red Deep Gloss
Nose: Grecian Soft

Royal Chiffon Dress Chiffon Grey Black, Ringed Long Chain Necklace Metal Silver, Noveau Middle Gem Circlet Metal Silver, Jewel Encrusted Heels Leather Grey Black



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Here you go @Lunar_Angel! Is this fine, or should I change anything? Don’t forget to give credit to @reybb8_episode!

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Sorry for the late reply! Thank you, it looks perfect!

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hello are you still doing edits?

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Hi! I haven’t done them in a while, but I would like to get back on track. So, yes, I can definetely make you an edit! Tell me details :black_heart:

yay. thank you.

May you make me 1 edit and custom pose, please?

  1. My girl character holding a bunch of trophies in her hand like she hugging them
    hair: styled ponytail, gray
    mouth: full round pouty, peach
    nose: defined natural
    eye: round downturned, wide, purple
    face: diamond
    skin: gold 03
    body: female athletic
    eyebrow: arched natural, black
    Do you think you could just make me an outfit, please?

Same character deets.
can you make her hold a belt-like shes about to whoop someone

Let me know if this is to much

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Yeah, of course! I’ll have them done ASAP :black_heart:
Would you like a background for the edit?

oh yes. Can you put like shes on a stage please

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For sure!

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@hannahfriend Hi! Unfortunately I am having some issues with the portal, so I won’t be able to finish your request today. I am incredibly sorry! :pensive:

so you can’t do it at all?