ZEN'S MAGICAL ART SHOPPE! ♡﹑status: on hold!

⊹ ˚ ̟ :fish_cake:꒰୨ :rainbow: M☆GICAL SHOPPE :heart:

╭╯♪、hey hi hello, im zen! this is my first post on the forums (i’ve been stalking a bit before making an acc) and with this post I proudly present to you my magical art shoppe! though this will all be free services lol

yesyes ik, very boring lol.

  • please don’t thread hop! :face_holding_back_tears:
  • give credit. i work hard for free, and giving credit is not difficult! all u need to do is put “credit to @zenlieh on Instagram” in your story/bio/wherever you use my art :blob_hearts:
  • please be respectful <3 don’t rush me, asking how long you’ll receive your piece of art is ok with me but don’t spam.
  • NO MODIFYING/EDITING/REPOSTING MY ART W/O EXPLICIT PERMISSION FROM ME!!! edit: this doesn’t apply to the person who ordered from me ^^
  • i have the right to decline any orders that i’m uncomfy with! password is mystical!
  • and lastly, a respectful note that if you ever need to refer to me that i use they/them pronouns :yay:

ଘ🦄✦﹑WHAT I CAN DO:heart:
note that everything i do is drawn! no edits, sorry… ( ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )
at the moment, all requests are closed! feel free to request to be on wait list tho !

  • profile pictures CLOSED FOR NOW
  • covers (large/small) CLOSED FOR NOW
  • art scenes CLOSED FOR NOW
    i don’t draw furries/animals, mechas, old people, nsfw, etc. (sorry…)

also, all art takes at least 2-5 days! be patient please!


click me!!

i apologize for the lack of examples!! i’m working on building my portfolio

(it has my discord watermark. if u would like proof this is my art, send me a dm!)

cover for @Ryder14 please don’t steal!!

:sparkles:✧﹐ORDER FORM ︵( 。>ᴗ<。)♩
what kind of art ::
password ::
reference image ::
any text you want ::
how many people in the pic (max 2) ::
what theme / mood ::
png or comes w background (you may provide) ::
extra notes / info ::

consider ordering from me! i’d be more than delighted to help you guys out (>w<)


Your arts really good, ill be requesting from you when I need anything!


thank you!! :yay:

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your art is amazing!

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ahh tysm !! :^)

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Your art is stunning :heart_eyes:. I’ll definitely be back later to request a cover :relaxed:

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Hi I’m back with my cover request, hope it’s okay to order 2 :pleading_face:
what kind of art :: Cover; both large and small
password :: Mystical
reference image ::

Large cover

Small cover

If possible can you have the female character look mad. One eye being red while the other is medium brown, and not have the guy block her other eye as well

any text you want :: Deathly Wish
how many people in the pic (max 2) :: 2


what theme / mood :: Romance; Fantasy
png or comes w background (you may provide) :: Any background is fine
extra notes / info :: If possible on the girl’s hair on both covers can you add red highlights throughout her white hair? And add freckles

Reference on hair

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what kind of art :: art scene
password :: mystical
reference image ::

any text you want :: no
how many people in the pic (max 2) :: 2
what theme / mood :: emotional
png or comes w background (you may provide) :: png
extra notes / info ::
• the character deets-
female mc:
face shape- diamond
Eyes- deepset downturn (green emerald)
Skin color- rose 03
Lip shape- full heart pouty (pink warm matte)
Eyebrow- arched short (deep brown)
Hair- long feathered bangs blunt (golden brown)
Nose- grecian soft
male mc:
face shape- chiseled square stubble shaved
eyes- deepset downturned lidded (blue green)
skin color- copper 02
lip shape- medium straight natural
eyebrow- arched medium (deeo brown)
hair- medium messy fluffy parted (deep brown)
nose- hooked grecian
• outfit-
female mc:
sweetheart necklime double strap tank silk
bow sleep shorts cotton grey black
locket necklace metal gold
hoop flowers metal gold
mid heel flats leather black

male mc:
basic loose tank cotton white
ripped knee rocker jeans denim grey warm
ripped denim jacket denim black
laceup running shoes cotton grey black

•also i want the female mc to look a little shocked…

hope it’s not too much :relaxed:
thank you so much, have a great day :white_heart:

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thank you for requesting! (●´ω`●) i’ll begin working on your covers later today, u may dm4updates!


Hey are your requests still open

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thanks for requesting! i have another request to work on atm, so yours will be in line/take longer. hope it’s not a big deal! 。゚ (´っωc`)゚。

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Thank you, I also forgot to mention clothes; any is fine with me for both :butterfly:

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yes! ^^

Story cover


Body- Female Athletic Body (copper 01)
Brow-Arched Short (black dark)
Eyes-Deepset Almond (voilet)
Hair-Short Flipped Wavy Solid (black dark)
Nose-Defined Natural
Lips-Full Wide (peach gloss)



Can you make sure that her hair is a bit ombre

Like this

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thanks for requesting! your art will be 3rd to be finished. please be patient, i can let u know when your piece is getting started if you’d like!

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Sure why not :relaxed::hugs:

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aww no thanks!! i can wait, no hurry, take your time :white_heart:

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all requests aside from pfps are now closed so I can catch up ^^;

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Omg im def about to request ! Writing down the deets now

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Art: Regular

Ppl in pic: 1
Text: none
Theme as in pic
Girl for pic

I want the butterfly’s on her too :slightly_smiling_face: can you make them like a neon effect like they are lighting up?