ZEN'S MAGICAL ART SHOPPE! ♡﹑status: on hold!

yes of course!

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I’m beginning your request now! would u like me to dm you updates about the artwork? (finishing sketches, coloring, etc)

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yes sure!!

hi, sorry for the delay with the details. here they are. Thank you so much.

what kind of art :: outro
password :: mystical
reference image ::


character details

outfit details:


any text you want :: not required
how many people in the pic (max 2) :: 1
what theme / mood :: I’d go for dark purple and blue kinda vibes and aviation theme not sure if its helpful though.
png or comes w background (you may provide) :: background not required png is fine
extra notes / info :: none.

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Hey, first you’re drawing is a beautiful girl! I really need a small and large cover but it’s closed so can I please be on the waiting list?? :))

And I have a question: Do you know how to do curly/kinky and dread hairstyles? I always have my requests cancelled for that so I just wanna know lol :))

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thank u! i have not practiced much with those hairstyles, so it’s not my bestwork but i believe i can still do it ^^

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Great, thank you so much! Please let me know when you’re ready to do my cover :))

hey, was just wondering if my requested art is started?
and no need to rush, just wanted to check once…
have a good day/night :white_heart:

password : mystical!

Hey just wanna confirm if you can take my cover art request?
Both large and small?
I’ll send you the details