✨ zensate's art & graphics thread

Welcome to my graphics thread!

I’ve been playing around with Photoshop for years, and while I’m by no means a professional I really enjoy it and would love to help others with their cover arts, splashes, and profile pictures!

See my examples HERE

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Request Forms


Tagline: (optional)
Size: (small, large or both)
Style: (it greatly helps if you have a basic idea of what you want on the art, including colors, etc!)
Any other details:

If you want characters on the cover art, please attach screenshots of your characters in the desired animation. (see notes)
This will help me with quick response times.

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Type: Sound / Mature Themes / Instagram / Other (please specify)
Style: (colours, fonts, etc.)
Any other details:

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Style: (colours, background, etc.)
Please attach a screenshot of your character in the desired animation.
Any other details:

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  1. I am NOT a traditional artist (at least, not a good one). I cannot draw buildings, faces, etc. I deal with graphics and vectors. There are many other artists that specialise in traditional art (i.e. pen and paper) that may be able to serve you better than I can!
  2. If you are not completely satisfied with the design, I will make a maximum of two amendments for you (excluding typos).
  3. It really, really helps if you give as much detail as you can for what you want in your art! It prevents us having to go back and forth with alterations!
  4. If your request is for a contest with a looming deadline, I will give it higher priority. Please say so if this is the case.
  5. If you want your characters to be in a custom pose (e.g. the facial expression of one action and the arm positions of another action) please attach photos of all the actions. To do this, create your character in any story in the portal, go to the script editor, preview your desired animation and right-click on the frame you want, then click “save image as”,

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