ZiproDigital's Commissions!

Hi luvs!

I am an artist in the community and I am having a SALE on my commissions!

I have been in the community before and I have returned so relatively new again :slight_smile:

Attached below are examples of a). a portrait that I have done and b). an episode cover I have done!

I can do a few different styles depending on what you wish for.
Contact me or Dm me on my Instagram (@/ziprodigital_) if you are interested in this sale or commissions in general :slight_smile:




your art is so pretty! xoxo

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You might want to put up your prices :relaxed:

thank you so much!!

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I don’t have set base prices at the moment. Currently, I’ll be quoting each person individually based on what they want, details, etc.

But I am planning on putting up set prices once the sale if over for sure!!

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Do you have a min/max price though?