Ziya's background and overlay requests


I know its not black and grey but hope you lik

e it


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Here is your other one


Can you make the title " Skai’s Stories" as an overlay? The font doesn’t matter :slight_smile:


Hi! Would you be able to create a background for me? :blush:

Background type- Beds on a ship for the crew. It would be in a Victorian-ish/royal style.
How many zones- 2 or 3. Whichever’s easier.

I know it’s complicated lol. It’s alright if your not sure you can do it.


It would kinda look like this:

But, these images are from Minecraft and I didn’t really feel comfortable using them in my story. It would have at least 6 beds. You can do bunk beds or beds next to each other like in the picture. Everything else is up to you as long as it looks like it’s on a ship or something.

Here’s a reference image for the kind of style:


i love it thanks


Hi can I please request a background of this building being on fire ?