Ziya's edit requests *open*

I like editing so thought I’d make a request thread. Fill out the form below clearly depending what you want.
Some examples are also attached

Cover requests
Story title-
Author name-
Character details-
Theme (romantic, sad, scary etc)-
Any ideas you have (makes things easier if you have an idea what you want) -

Other edits
Type of edit (follow me, sound, mature themes etc) -
Character details-
Description of what you want-


Your work is really amazing. Are you on Instagram? Ill have to get back on this later.

Your edits look incredible and I was wondering whether you would take a request from me? :blush:

Type of edit (follow me, sound, mature themes etc) -Follow me @Senj0y on Instagram!
Character details-Body:Honey
Brow:Mature Round
Hair Color:Black
Eyes:Upturned Bold COLOR:Black
Nose:Soft Natural
Description of what you want- Any pose you want whatever your comfortable with

Can I get an edit?

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Hey! I would love to get an edit from you!
Character details-
Body: Caramel
Brow: Seductive Arch
Hair Color: Chestnut
Eyes: Upturned Feline
Eye Color: Green
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Full Round Mouth Color: Mocha
Description of what you want- Sitting at a desk with her hands holding up her head if you dont know what I mean please ask :smile:

I would like a Christmas edit please! (Haha this is for my story)

Edit type: Romantic XMas splash

Outfits - your choice but Christmas themed would be ideal ahaha and poses (Derek kisses Mindy’s cheek and a mistletoe hanging over them)

Thank you :heart:

Of course fill in the form for what you would like

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What kind?

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What do you mean?
So I dont get it wrong lol

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ohh like her pose you mean?

Like I want my character to be in this pose

Character edit please!



Here you go x


OMG THANK YOU USO MUCH!!!:heart_eyes:

Can I get a cover plz.

Story title: waking up
Author name: maddie
Genres: fantasy
Character details:
Face shape: oval
Skin tone: honey
Hair style: straight
Hair color: black
Eyebrows: mature round
Eye shape: upturned feline
Eye color: green
Nose: elven
Lip: full round
Lip color: plum/raven/scarlet
Clothes: preferably something black

Ideas: holding a flame

hey! I can see you have a lot of requests, haha. is there any chance you could add me on the list? In need of an instagram ending thingy and an intro! Do you have instagram?

A cover request please :blush:
Story title- Marionette
Author name- WillowBear
Genre- Drama
Character details-

Theme (romantic, sad, scary etc)- Scary, red and black colours
Any ideas you have (makes things easier if you have an idea what you want) - Isabelle in the centre of the cover, large, maybe a scared position and the Puppeteer in the background, smaller but still able to see?
If there’s anything else you need just say! :grin:

Here you go💗