Zodiac Art Contest!

Hi guys! I’m going to be doing the zodiac art contest! :scorpius: How it works is you can type the password Aries and Scorpio and I will give you a zodiac sign and you have to make an art piece, edit or outline that has something to do with that zodiac sign.

Deadline is 2020-05-28T06:00:00Z

Prize (Only first place :sparkling_heart:)
An important role in my story, and a simple edit!

When your finished submit it here:

Judges: @SpookySherry, @ananya.episode, @AnnSza and myself, @Cia_forever
Tag a friend!

Tysm for reading! :blush:


Aries and Scorpio Also when’s the deadline and are their any prizes? :sparkling_heart:

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You got Gemini. I’m still working on them, most likely an important role in my story, and a voucher to my art shop and the deadline is March 28th :sparkling_heart:

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Hey I’ll join but um march 28 has already pass!

Aries and scorpio

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Right! I meant May! Silly me! You got Taurus!

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Aries and Scorpio

So it can be just a normal edited edit? Or does it have to be drawn?

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Libra. It can be a normal edit too!

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awesome! Thank you!


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Aww! thanks!

Aries and Scorpio Came from discord, I can try to join!


You’re the sweetest! You got Aries

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