Zoekezoefs help corner: Need a character, cover, splashes or overlay i will help you (open) reed my requests before!

For a cover I need-:
your character and clothing details and animation details I create the person myself
Short description of the story
stories name
name writer
name Instagram
choice background and style
relation of the characters
for an overlay
the picture you need an overlay off
for a character
How you would like your character, which sort of clothes, hair color etc


hey i’m not sure is if you could help me any but could you put a tattoo on a character for me… if so what do i need to do?

you do that with an overlay so the background needs to be transparent so it is an overlay then you upload it on your overlays for you in your writer portal and you can use it. if it is not transparant i can do it for you.

could you please do it for me I have tried befor and i can’t do it

I need the picture…

your character and clothing details and animation details I create the person myself: There will be two characters ARIA the main character and DYLAN a love intrest, here are their pictures with their animation and clothes :

Short description of the story:Aria had a broken past and can’t think she can move on
but what happens when she meets a mysterious and hot boy…Will she be able to change her mind ?
stories name: The Night Is Still Young
name writer: Nour.C
name Instagram: episode.nour
choice background and style:EXT. JUVIE ROOFTOP - NIGHT ( if you can make the background blurry that would me great ! )
relation of the characters: Well Aria is a really strong girl and Dylan is just as strong as her because of their past if you know what i mean
And ty too i hope it’s not that hard :slight_smile:

Oops i forgot to put DYLAN’s picture, my bad :smile:

i would really like to make the characters myself otherwise you have on the big and little cover the same animation that is not beautiful. I just want their clothing details and their character details and if you want another background or I search for one or you search for another because I need to. and what is blurry? Do you want also to be continued… thanks for reading this chapter… this story uses sound mature themes and strong language then you may also search for a background or I do it it is what you want. So you see I need more animations, you can make them too it would spare me a lot of work but you need a very clear background to take 2 pictures. xxx

yes but you have to give me a picture of a tatoo you want. so i can make it transparent.

I understand, but if you can…Don’t make a cover just make me a “This Story Uses Sound” and i will be thankful because i think there is someone else making my cover so that okay :slight_smile:

ok that’s the tatoo, do you want it blue or an other color?

For that i need just one person otherwise i can’t get that text on it.

blue is fine

were will you put it on your character and is your character a woman or a man then i can adjust the sise already.

i’m putting it on a male his back

and do you want it big or more little were you place it that you have to do yourself with spot directing.

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smaller would be better thank you so much :+1:

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Are you playing with me here? I just want the best for a good cover but it is your choice… so who do you want for the music and wich background.

do you want the white insite gone too?