Zoekezoefs help corner: Need a character, cover, splashes or overlay i will help you (open) reed my requests before!


yes please


10 minutes


I am sorry i didn’t mean to offend you but it’s okay for the cover and for the “this story uses sound” thing i don’t need it now, please i am not saying that i don’t like your work, i admire your hard work and all :slight_smile:
thank you and sorry


No problem maybe next time, i hope the person who is doing it for you is doing it well, go take a look with show your art there you can see what i already have done xxx


Is this still too big, I don’t know how big your people are but you can always make it smaller with the direction helper or will you that I make it no already a little smaller.


Thats fantastic thanks :+1: :hugs:


ok i will upload the tatoo now.


ok thanks


You upload the photo to your overlays and give it a name I should put it in zone 1 because that is the zone that is the most used then you wait 2 or 3 days till it is approved.
to use it u use this code:
@overlay BLUSH2 create
@overlay BLUSH2 shifts to 132 449 in zone 1
@overlay BLUSH2 scales to 0.621 0.621 in 1
@overlay BLUSH2 opacity 1 in 3

@overlay BLUSH2 opacity 0 in 3
when you see the overlay as a preview you make it smaller or bigger and place it at his place
you see two lines with numbers the first line is for the second line you change my numbers except the zone 1 you can do that only if you are in zone 2 or zone 3
The second line of numbers you copy to the third line but don’t change the 1
get rid of the NARRATOR Pause. save and your done.


Click on the picture and donwload it.


thanks so much!


No problemxxx