Zoe's Official Art Request Thread!

Hey welcome to my first Art request thread. I have decided to start to do art again and can’t wait for you guys to be happy!

I do many things like covers, splashes, banners, and also overlays.


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Here is the request fill out:

Type of art:
Splash/banner/cover background wanted:
Character info:
Information of what needs to be done:
Style of Character (LL or Ink)
Picture/Type for overlay:
Cover size:
Any desired fonts:
Extra Info or wants:

Remember some of these are for certain art types

@ChayChay -Splashes and Cover

<3 Zoe


Yay!!! This is amwesome Zo!!! You are awesome!!!

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Lol no requests yet I must be so popular :rofl:

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I need some covers that I just don’t have the energy to make for my writing partner wanna do them? We also need a mature theme and sound splash. I’ll do the covers if you want to make the splashes for me?

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Yay… go wild with your imagination no specifics. It’s about a girl who has been abused from the Middle East.

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Ok any requirements for what she looks like and what should be on it?

We want just words.

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OK and covers and splashes or just one of those?

That’s for the splahses. One sound and one mature themes. I’ll get the cover details. It’s complicated I believe. lol I gotta get a screen shot of one character still for the covers

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Can I request something

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Sure make sure you use the fillout form thing so it easier for me

Edit: Will you still be requesting or no?

Volume Splash

Mature Theme Strong Language Splash

Edit: @ChayChay finished the mature one

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I love it!'n

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Yay!!’ Awesome job Zo

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