Zoe's Official Art Request Thread!


Hey welcome to my first Art request thread. I have decided to start to do art again and can’t wait for you guys to be happy!

I do many things like covers, splashes, banners, and also overlays.


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Here is the request fill out:

Type of art:
Splash/banner/cover background wanted:
Character info:
Information of what needs to be done:
Style of Character (LL or Ink)
Picture/Type for overlay:
Cover size:
Any desired fonts:
Extra Info or wants:

Remember some of these are for certain art types

@ChayChay -Splashes and Cover

<3 Zoe

Need a nice looking cover
Cover request anyone?
Need small cover! (Ink)

Yay!!! This is amwesome Zo!!! You are awesome!!!




Lol no requests yet I must be so popular :rofl:




I need some covers that I just don’t have the energy to make for my writing partner wanna do them? We also need a mature theme and sound splash. I’ll do the covers if you want to make the splashes for me?




Yay… go wild with your imagination no specifics. It’s about a girl who has been abused from the Middle East.


Ok any requirements for what she looks like and what should be on it?


We want just words.


OK and covers and splashes or just one of those?


That’s for the splahses. One sound and one mature themes. I’ll get the cover details. It’s complicated I believe. lol I gotta get a screen shot of one character still for the covers




Can I request something


Sure make sure you use the fillout form thing so it easier for me

Edit: Will you still be requesting or no?

Volume Splash

Mature Theme Strong Language Splash

Edit: @ChayChay finished the mature one


I love it!'n


Yay!!’ Awesome job Zo



In need for small and big cover (ink)
Looking for an art partner