Zombie Arts - Art Shop Revamped {Open} 🖤

Thank you so much! :two_hearts::two_hearts: But two quick things-

  1. can you add a diamond to the ring on her finger?
  2. can you left eye wink?
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Well it will look a bit wired if I will add it :woman_facepalming:
But anyway-

Yeah you can take the diamond off, can you try to make her eye wink? the left one?

Like this?

Yes!! Thank you!! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Everyone, be sure to check out

Kit Kat’s Official Art Request Thread ❤️ (Revamp!)



This is the first art scene, I’m so sorry, I’m not doing ink usually…
I understand if you don’t like the results, if you want you can ask for another artist for the second one :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can do it in any style your comfortable with I like your work and I want you to be happy with your work too


Thank you :sweat_smile:
So should I do the second one?

Yeah but do it it in the style you like if that’s ok

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1). I want a cover art for my story on the other side of Rosewood. Basically like half rich and half gangster on the other side. If you could read my story to look at the character.
2). Any
3). scary
4). character = skin = Gold 02
Brows = Arch thick styled
Hair= small bun
Eyes= deepest almond (grey)
Nose = round button upturned
Lips = Full heart pouted peach gloss)
For the left side rich art
On the rightside mobster 39%20PM

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Hey, I’m so sorry but another artist will finish your request.
I have a lot of requests to finish and I don’t want to finish it quickly and end up with a bad results… :confused:

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@molly247 and @xAmberx i am currently not accepting requests in order to finish the ones i already have hopefully you understand.:sweat_smile: please requests from someone else thankyou.:heart:

I understand :heart: Good luck with the requests !

May u please picks mother artist?

Yeah, thanks anyways

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She doesn’t do art on this thread.

sorry I’m full rn

-the funny thing is, they requested u and ur not even in this art shop. wow