Zombie Arts - Art Shop Revamped {Open} 🖤

Pm me :slightly_smiling_face:

sorry, I only do ink covers

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oh oops, sorry sksk

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May I request for a cover and a pfp :smile:


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oh my god tysm i will send in the deets now

What do you want: One pfp/character edit for my story char ig acc
What Artist: @Em546
Character details:

Character picture(s):
I want the props too with the same face expressions and hair style But i want a outfit a bit more covered like the below one.

Anything suitable for that pose.

for prof pics/character edits I rarely do anything below the waist, do you have any other poses in mind?

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that one? u can choose the suitable background for this. I want her outfit to be gold mixed with black with the same design

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can @Em546 take my request? If not, that is totally fine xx