Zombie template please

Okay so I tried making a zombie school scene but it didn’t work and honestly, I haven’t been writing like that and I don’t wanna lose the motivation to code this scene so I was wondering if anyone can create a zombie school scene where the zombies are roaming around the school and a few zombies are eating the students with the blue school lockers I would credit you in my story and on my insta :slight_smile:

Do you mean that you would just like then to walk on and off the screen and have some in the background eating people?


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Gimme a second

I made this code for it

I can’t send an example of what it looks like on this platform tho, if you want to see what it looks like you can message me ur insta privately so i can send it to you😊 (and if you do use it please credit me)

Sure my instagram is ethanepisode :slight_smile:

Whats your pfp i cant find it lol😅

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