ZOMBIES Reimagined | Official Roleplay Thread


ZOMBIES Reimagined
The zombies in Zombietown have learned how to work together with the humans of Seabrook. They have now integrated and want to expand the population of both zombies and humans. All new technology has been encrypted into the Z-Bands and has a human/zombie switch to becoming either a zombie or a human at any time. What happens when the Z-bands don’t work any more than they should, causing another zombie apocalypse? Will the zombies and humans be separated again from Seabrook?

:green_heart: Zed - a zombie/ loves football
:green_heart: Eliza - a zombie/ Zed’s best friend
:green_heart: Bonzo - a zombie/ Zed and Eliza’s best friend
:green_heart: Zoey - a zombie/ Zed’s little sister
:green_heart: Zevon - a zombie/ Zed and Zoey’s dad

:heart: Addison - a human/ loves cheerleading
:heart: Bucky - a human/ Addison’s cousin
:heart: Bree - a human/ Addison’s best friend
:heart: Stacey - a human/ cheerleader
:heart: Lacey - a human/ cheerleader
:heart: Tracey - a human/ cheerleader

Be creative with this. If you’ve seen the Disney movie then you know how the whole story goes. Also, have fun! :smile: :smile: :smile:

This is my very first RP! I’m really excited that I have created this! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!!

Go Seabrook!!! :green_heart: :heart:


Uhhh … Why have you made duplicate threads? This is exactly the same as this one, why make a second? This actually goes against the rules of our forums. So, please read the RP rules and forum rules before posting. I suggest closing one of them, before both are closed.

I know @Once already mentioned this on your sign-up thread, I am only reiterating. And what @FallenAngelNight13 was saying on the New Ideas thread, is that you needed a poll to tally up who was actually interested. If no one is then you don’t have to waste your time going to the trouble of creating an RP no one joins, and the community RP feed doesn’t get crowded with RPs that don’t get played.


ZOMBIES Reimagined - Official Roleplay Thread

The first one was a mess-up. I didn’t know that you had to get it to be official before you make it. Is there a way to delete the first one?


Yeah ask a moderator to delete it


Yes, tag @Sydney_H or @Jeremy to close it down.
Though, I am a little unsure how it could be a “mess up” when it is the exact same as this one?!


Ok thank you.