ZOMBIES Reimagined | Sign Up Thread


This is a sign up for my RP Thread, “ZOMBIES Reimagined”. You can only be one of the two, a human or a brain-eating zombie. Sign up and I will post the names in my thread when I make a decision.

:green_heart: Zed - a zombie/ loves football
:green_heart: Eliza - a zombie/ Zed’s best friend
:green_heart: Bonzo - a zombie/ Zed and Eliza’s best friend
:green_heart: Zoey - a zombie/ Zed’s little sister
:green_heart: Zevon - a zombie/ Zed and Zoey’s dad

:heart: Addison - a human/ loves cheerleading
:heart: Bucky - a human/ Addison’s cousin
:heart: Bree - a human/ Addison’s best friend
:heart: Stacey - a human/ cheerleader
:heart: Lacey - a human/ cheerleader
:heart: Tracey - a human/ cheerleader

New Ideas Thread [PLEASE READ]

Dude nobody signed up why did you make the Official RP already?


I made the official one because a user from the ideas forum told me it was official so I created it. But I needed a sign up thread so I made one. I guess no one will show up to this anyway.


No, ofc they will show up. You just need time.


You should have tagged people who voted for this on the ideas thread. Even if nobody voted you should tag people who you know that like to RP


Hello, and welcome to our RP/SG community, @mysterypuppy03! We’re glad to have a new member joining us. :3

You may want to read Start Here: Rules to the SG & RP Subcategory and GUIDE: How to RP/SG as it includes most of the information you’ll need to begin. Joining a couple RP/SGs (either a large one, or a smaller one in The 1x1/Small Group RP Thread) and chatting with a few members beforehand may help you grasp a better understanding of how our community works. Most ideas posted in the New Ideas Thread includes a poll, so members can vote to show interest.

Remember to develop your idea and post a sign up and/or faceclaim before creating the official thread. A more detailed plot is recommended too, as it will give RPers a clearer image of your idea, and may increase the amount of people who reserves for it. Sign up forms typically have a different structure than what you wrote. Here’s an example of a basic form:


Faceclaims are created after people begin submitting characters, as it displays who the characters are, and their RPers. They’re usually made in Google Slides or Google Forms.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to PM me, or anyone else. Good luck with your roleplay, and I hope to see you around more often! ^-^


You should probably let the people choose their names and they don’t need to know each other


Hey why can’t you give people a chance? Just let people do there own thing. Be kind and don’t be mean to others,


I’m not trying to be mean I’m just giving advice… I’ve never seen a sign up with names pre-made.


@Episodelover98, to be fair, I do believe that @LeviTheLunatic was just offering advice to help improve their RP. As I do agree. Most, if not all, RPers on here, prefer to create their own characters. It helps for them to write for the character if they created it.
So they were giving them a chance to continue RPing, not stop! :slight_smile:



I understand what you are talking about but I completely disagree because there shouldn’t be any negative comments online! Also, please do not email me again.


I do apologise that you feel that way. However, there was nothing negative said. This was merely constructive criticism, something members of our roleplaying community do often to help the community improve.

I will respect your wishes and won’t reply again, and I thank you for reading and acknowledging where we are coming from.



Reserve Eliza cuz I love that name