Zondie's Outfits :avocado_love:

Hello everyone!

I haven’t been on this forum in years after I left. I have come back with some lovely content I am sure you will enjoy!

Here are some outfits I have created. On reddit, people loved them and I will be creating more!

Monochrome office outfit 'Female Avatar'

Please excuse the ear piece! This is part of my story overlay and I got a little lazy to edit it out. The necklace is important to my story, but you can choose to swap this out with another necklace of your choice or leave it without a necklace!

Please comment down below if there is any other forms of attires you want to see such as casual/date/school and so on! I will be working on other bodies too and will soon be updating :smiley:


Could u make me a date outfit for a girl, preferably in red :purple_heart:

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Hi, sorry I just saw this! Yes I can (:

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