Zone and zoom probs! <3

I’m trying to start my scene a specific spot and not just in a “zone”. Kinda in between 2 zones.

I’ trying to use the zoom function, but I can’t seem to get it to work? :sweat_smile:

Maybe try
&cut to zone (whatever)
&zoom on (whatever)

the thing is, I do that, but it still wont go to the zoom.
It also keep saying negative coordinates are not valid. When I try to use camera function :grimacing:

What zone is your ‘spot’ between? Because the negative coordinates thing happens if you cut to say zone 2 but then cross back over into zone 1 while zooming. This gives ‘negative’ coordinates from your zone #.

In between zone 2 and 3

Can I see your script?
It usually does that when you’re not in the correct zone where your zoom is aligned.

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cut to zone 2 and try your zoom

Sadly, it still wont get to my zoom🥲 and when I try to use camera function again from zone 2, it goes in negative zoom to where I want it to be🤔

What background are you using?
Ill see what I can do.

Oh wait I see it your doing @cut to zone 1 but your character is walking to zone 3? You’re using 2 different zones that’s why the cameras is on the negatives it’s too far.

Try doing &cut to zone 3 AND zoom to whatever zoom you’re doing and then you’re character walking

Thank you so much for helping tho! Still a bit new in the whole episode making🤣

I’m going to message you!

Maybe try to remove the cut to zone part and leave the zoom part in. It probably says negative coordinates are not valid because you may have your zoom a bit too far away from your background. There should not be a black space when you code your zooms.

Thank you everybody for helping! This community is the best! :hugs:
And thank you @luuvrrr for all your help! :heart_hands:

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it is no problem love!
Happy to help :hugs::sparkling_heart:

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