Zone Help ASAP please

Is there a way I can be in a zone thats cut in half? like zone 1.5 for example. There is a peice I need in the zone for the story.

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No, there is not, unfortunately. :confused:

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ugh okay thank you!

You’re welcome.

You can try zooming but other than that Idk

I just re made the background and moved it over a little bit :grinning:

I’m using spot directing and have a bit of a problem with the layers (character sitting further goes above the closer character) How can I change the layer of a character?

@Character1 spot X Y at layer (Number) :slight_smile:

I used these command but neither seems to work :disappointed:

@CADEN spot 0.666 215 283 at layer (4)
@CADEN spot 0.666 215 283 at layer 4

Try @CADEN spot x y z AND CADEN moves to layer #

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Just zoom out with the zoom helper a tad bit until you can see half a zone or so. Just make sure you don’t zoom out to much <3

Thank you a lot. It works all well now!


Nvm I know who it is now :blush: anyway good luck in your story!

Anytime! :dizzy: