Zone Scrolling Issue

I LOVE the new zone scrolling update. But this bug makes me so mad.

So apparently, if you don’t specify what zone you’re in, (basically if you don’t use the old zone method) you’re zooms will kind of boomerang in and out.

It looks weird and it will look terrible if you have a speech bubble in use and you zoom in / out slower.

This is what if looks like when you zoom out in 1 second

The zooms are perfectly fine in zone 1, but when I get to the others, it does this. (Probably because zone 1 is the default?)

And I choose not to use the original zone method because it’s less convenient, especially when you want to put multiple characters in one zone and they get cut off. :confused:

I had this issue before and I mentioned it here: Portal Update: Week of May 22, 2023 (yes, we know it’s late) - #84 by TheLexi

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Bump bump bump bump :sweat:

Ik it’s actually so annoying tho :sob:

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omg this happened to me but it was in the last zone so it boomeranged into just a black screen which looked so weird. so i had to just do zoom in 0 :roll_eyes: Idk why it happens and how to fix it unless u just said bc i kind of skimmed through

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