Zone & spot problem

Hi, I need help with making my character move to zone 1 with the size I wanted him to be.

@CHARACTER spot 0.711 232 208

I can’t figure out where to input/type it in in my script. Whenever my character moves to zone 1, he’s just too tall and too big.

Any tips? Suggestions?

Here’s my script.

Thank you so much for your help!

The spot circled is the size of your character.

If you spot him in a different zone just make sure these numbers are the same.

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so if i spot him with the same size, he’ll stil be a bit bigger, so i need to enter another command and another spot in zone 1??

Is he in the same spot in zone 1 in zone as zone 2. For instance if he is spotted further or closer to the screen you might need to adjust the size to fit accordingly.

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He’s not. He’s originally in zone 2. I want him to go to zone 1 and approach the other character… That’s not possibe, innit? orr? :frowning:

Just use walks to spot command

So using these spots you provided:

@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.711 232 208 in zone 1 in 2 AND pan to zone 1 in 2

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I’ll try this tomorrow and will let you know. Thank you :blush:

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Thank you so much! It worked. :heartbeat::blob_hearts:

I have one more question. Is it possible when you enter the next scene, the CHARACTERS are there with the overlays?

For instance, the character is holding the guitar or standing in front of the microphone when the scene enters.

This is what happens when i open the next scene:
The overlays show up first, then the character pops up.

EXT. KARAOKE ROOFTOP - NIGHT with MICROPHONE to 0.706 17 108 in zone 1 with DRUM SET to 0.321 -7 170 in zone 1 with BASS GUITAR to 0.398 -30 211 in zone 1 with ELECTRIC GUITAR to 0.213 167 263 in zone 1
@transition fade in black


sound music_club_lp

@pause for a beat

@ADAM spot 0.648 145 264 AND ADAM faces right AND ADAM is sing_energetic_loop AND NICK spot 0.284 47 403 AND NICK faces right AND NICK is idle_sit_leanforward_bobhead_loop AND KYLE spot 0.762 13 214 AND KYLE faces right AND KYLE is sing_airguitar_neutral_loop AND AUSTIN spot 0.417 197 367 AND AUSTIN faces right AND AUSTIN is sing_airguitar_neutral_loop

It’s because you added the transition and pause BEFORE placing the character. I always put my characters straight after the scene and before the transition using the & command (&CHARACTER spot blah blah). That should work.

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Thank you, Josca. It worked. I deleted the transition and added pause before my characters. TYSM again. :blob_hearts:

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You can still use the transition but you’ll need to add it after the character placements (that are done with & instead of @) :relaxed: You’re very welcome!

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Another question, how do I make my characters drink at the same time?
It says there is no drink command

I tried doing

@CHARACTER is drink and &CHARACTER is drink.

doesnt work both ways.

That animation doesn’t exist, plus there’s an error.
This is how you should’ve done it:
@CHAR1 is sip_cup_neutral_loop AND CHAR2 is sip_cup_neutral_loop

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Thank you so much! I couldn’t see if it worked, because the preview before that scene, wont continue playing, it got stuck. What have I done wrong?

I can’t see anything wrong with it. But I’m confused with line 2226 and line 2247; why did you write “AND pan to zone 3 in 2” 3 times? xD

SMART! Lifesaver. I removed 3 “AND pan to zone 3 in 2” and placed it at the end of the last character and it worked and it moved too. Thank you! & sorry, I’ve been writing for 4 days now, a newbie :frowning: I’ve got so much to learn.

Been reading in forums and watching youtube video tutorials :blob_hearts:


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