ZONES, adding in a walking animation


I was wondering how to add in a walking animation when my character is walking into a new zone, and the camera follows her?

My character is really tired in the scene, so I don’t want her to have the normal walk.

Thanks so much!

Here’s what I put in, but got an error from it.

PS: My character’s script name is LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR, so I don’t think that’s the problem.

(I’m so tired from getting up at 2am)
(Maybe I should sit down for a few minutes…)

@follow LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR to screen center in zone 2
@LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR is walk_exhausted_loop

@follow LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR to screen center in zone 2 AND LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR is walk_exhausted_loop

Thank you!!!

Or you could do it this way.

&LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR walks to spot (insert spot here) in zone 2 in 3 & LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR is walk_exhausted_loop
@pan to zone 2 in 3

That is unnecessary since she’s using screen center not spots.

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