Zones are glitching?

My story starts out in zone 2, and I’m having my character walk to zone 2 from zone 1(otherwise it looks like they’re coming up form downstairs or something) but it’s glitching out.
I HAVE SAID in my script @cut to zone 2
I HAVE NOT changed the zone
The character IS IN zone 1, then walks into zone 2 –
@TERENCE spot 0.83 200 182 in zone 1
@TERENCE walks to spot 0.83 175 182 in zone 2
HOWEVER when I do the preview, it shows him appearing in zone TWO and walking to zone THREE
Is there anyway I can fix this? I tried reloading the page and it did nothing

What background are you using?

Oh, nevermind, I figured it out. Just being stupid :sweat_smile: