Zones + Needs explaining

Does anyone have a list of the zones/where when directing characters. I swear there was a post about it before but, I can’t find it anymore.

My code is all messed up from this :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey love! I’m not to sure what post you are talking about, but here some videos that could help with zones and directing! :blob_hearts:

Video help
Joseph Evans is potentially one of the best episode tutorial makers. He is very easy to understand!
Rose Writes is also great!
Episode notes is amazing for when you need some quick help!
Babyvee doesn’t have many tutorials, but this still may be helpful!


Can you explain your issue a bit more? Or maybe post a screen shot of your script and tell us what’s wrong? :slight_smile:

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label boy_custom_1

@SHAWN ORYAN enters left

@SHAWN ORYAN stands screen center and SHAWN ORYAN faces right and SHAWN ORYAN is idle

Is what I originally had, and then I took out the “enters” section and it seemed to work - beforehand it came up with an error around the “label boy_custom_1”, saying that the code was wrong. I thought maybe if I used the zones (as in the numbered positions) it would work.

Pretty sure it should be

@SHAWN ORYAN enters from left to screen left

Or something like that. I haven’t used these positions since a long time, I just use spot directing so I could be wrong.


You could check this out for further reference, all of her templates, guides, tips & tricks are very useful.



Yeah, I did that the first time. The other character I have (main) I did this same code above and it worked but now it’s not :confused:

enters FROM left (you forgot the from)

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As @/CherryPicked said, you got the command wrong. You need to state from where the character is entering and also to where they should go. So it should look like this:

@SHAWN ORYAN enters from left to screen center

With this command you won’t need the second one because he’ll already be facing the right way and be idle.
I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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OMG I’M BLIND - thank you :sweat_smile:

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Thank you as well!

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no problem :blush:

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