Zoom and overlay not working together

I have a scene where it is zoomed in. After the scene, I want to zoom out (reset zoom) and an overlay to appear at the same time. I have the overlay change opacity from 0 to 1 in 2 seconds and the zoom out to 2 seconds. Here is the code:

@zoom on 384 527 to 141% in 0


@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 2
@overlay HOSPITALROOMOUTSIDE opacity 1 in 2
@overlay HOSPITALROOMOUTSIDE moves to layer 1
@overlay HOSPITALROOMOUTSIDE shifts to 216 -10 in zone 1
@overlay HOSPITALROOMOUTSIDE scales to 3.178 3.178
@ZOEY moves to layer 4 AND DYLAN moves to layer 2 AND KELSEY moves to layer 4
@ZOEY spot 1.478 66 -159 in zone 2 AND ZOEY is idle_rear AND ZOEY faces right AND DYLAN spot 1.334 173 -76 in zone 2 AND DYLAN is idle_rear AND DYLAN faces right AND KELSEY spot 1.352 270 -90 in zone 2 AND KELSEY is idle_rear AND KELSEY faces right

I have trouble right after the scene and before I try to reset zoom. What am I doing wrong? I’ve tried everything. Thanks.

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You want to use the & sign, so they happen at the same time, like this:

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