Zoom and text issue


Back again! lol

Anyway, why wont italicize, and the big issue is with zoom, as you can see from the preview, when I try to use the zoom command, it isn’t zooming in on her face. I thought I did it right. I looked at tutorials and did it the same way…


You’re writing in 0, which means it automatically appears there, so you need to include a time, in number of seconds (like in 3, in 5, etc-how many seconds you want.)

Zooming in on someone/some area:


  • If you do not specify “T”, the zoom will automatically last 1 second. Zero-second zoom (a static zoom) must have an “T” value of 0: @zoom on X Y to % in 0.

  • *Once you zoom, it will stay at that position until you change or reset zoom. To reset zoom, write the command @zoom reset

@zoom on 349 383 to 8% in 3

Hope this helps!


it still just zooms to a random spot on the wall :sob:


Play around with the zoom function so that it shows all of her face and copy those numbers, then paste them into your script : )


I figured it out! I needed to cut to zone 2


Awesome :sunglasses:
Good luck with your story :gift::green_heart: