Zoom and zone problem

Hello, my friends, I want some help please, Iook in this pic
I want to make the characters in one picture but I can’t
when I make cut in zone 2, the character appears half not complete and when I make cut to zone 3 the other character appears completely and the other is incomplete I try so many ways but I can’t change the focus, I hope you understand me I can’t speak English very well

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Hm, try making your characters a bit smaller for them to fit the scene.

Ok hun I will,thank you so much

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Zoom out!


this tha last zoom, when I do zoom out the background be small and I can’t move in another zone :frowning:

well if your zoom is reset you will hardly make them on one screen because they are simply spotted too far away from each other.

If you like the way you have spotted them I would sugest to not change the scene but use pan and zoom on the person who speaks. It will look dinamic and I bet reader will even like it more than look on one static scene.

If you need to see them both you will have to spot them on another place to see both in one zone.

Also sometimes works to be in the zone which is more right then reset zoom and then zoom bit to left.

If you will not touch the focus you will see bit between the zones. But you cant adjust it with focus so it works more by accident sometimes.

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Try moving your character on the left further left into zone 1, then zoom close on each one and go back and forth as they talk.
You’ll end up having to cut between zone 1 and 2.

&zoom on x x to x%
@cut to zone 1
CHAR1 (animation)

&zoom on x x to x%
@cut to zone 2
CHAR2 (animation)

You won’t get to see as much of the background but at least they’ll be seated where you want them! I hope this helps😊

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thanks hun :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

I will try it thank you so much

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