Zoom Being Weird

So for some strange reason for like the Crystal Throne room, the throne is not in a specific zone. So I place my characters on the throne in the big one, and I can’t zoom in. The zoom won’t let me move it, it stops at the end of zone 2 and I can’t get in the middle. I think this is a bug, so if anyone can tell me how to fix it, or if Episode can make it so the zoom won’t get affected based on the zones, that would be great. Please help. I’m just going to use the cropped version, but if someone can fix it, please do. P.S, sorry if its in the wrong section of the Forums

Can’t zoom on Characters

Try @zoom on CHAR to 200% in 0

It would start to zoom in then curve to the side

Then spot the character wherever the zoom goes. Find a throne chair overlay and do it that way.

Thanks for the help! I moved past that scene but in the future I’ll do that.

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zoom allows you to zoom to nex zone only from right to the left.so in zone 2 you can zoom a bit and see zone 1
but it will reset the moment you pres focus - then it will be on the border of the zone 2 back.

this is not a bug this is how the zoom simply works. the zooming in-between zones are more like glitch feature than intention.

If you need the throne in the middle I would in your case made just one zone background from it

Thank you!

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