Zoom coding (?) help!

hi again !!

i was wondering if anyone could explain the zoom thing? like what the number 50 and 100 are in that script, i tried looking @ tutorials on how to zoom or cut and stuff but they seem to no avail since some are a tad old very much appreciated!

Screenshot 2022-05-30 5.58.36 PM


The basic zoom code is
@zoom on # # to % in t

The two #’s represent the spot that you wish to zoom on you can use the app or the portal for this.
The % is means how much you zoom in.
These two values the #’s and the % are represented by the zoom and focus buttons.
The t represents how much time to preform the given zoom.
Hope that helps!


can you zoom on signs or objects too

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You can zoom on anywhere you want in the zone you are in. You have to go to the portal/app to see what “spot” (the numbers) the sign you are planning to zoom on is in.

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You can’t zoom on overlays or characters in the sense that you can’t replace a character/overlay name in place of the “spot”(set of two numbers).

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what is the portal app?

The portal is the writers portal where you write your stories - use the preview feature.
The app I’m referring to the the episode app.

also can you show background you are using @JAY_writes11 to zoom on. So it will be easy to put in zoom

ok thanks

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You can preview your stories in the create section on the app.

Np! Let me know if you need anymore help :smile:

Script Template for INT. SMOOTHIE SHOP - DAY im trying to zoom on the name of the shop

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i have another question do you know how to run backward im using the run_neutral_loop_rear
but how do i move backward while running backwards

oh it did background from art catalog

also which side you are trying to zoom in

zone 1 , zone 2 , zone 3 , zone 4

yes it’s this one

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im trying to to zoom into smuthys i dont know what zone thats in can’t tell if its in zone 2 or 3

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You can just change the way your character is facing.
@CHAR moves to spot # # # in zone # in t AND CHAR does it while run_neutral_loop_rear AND CHAR faces right/left
By changing the direction a character is facing and then placing them in a “spot” behind where they are standing will give the illusion of running backwards.
Hope that makes sense :woman_shrugging:

thanks it worked

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Try cutting to each zone and then previewing it on the portal or the app to see which zone the name is in.
Use the command @cut to zone 3 for example.

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Glad to hear that! I’m open to any other questions you have.

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