Zoom coding help

I know there are previous forums on this topic, but I couldn’t find one that helped so I am hoping someone will have an explanation I will be able to understand. I literally did this one time ageeessss ago so I’ve since forgotten. :sob: How do you code the camera zoom where the camera follows the character up and down (hopefully that makes sense, usually when authors portray a character getting checked out)

Let’s say this is your starting point &zoom on 167 235 to 178% in 0

You’d want it stay the same on the first number so the only one that changes is the second
@zoom on 167 285 to 178% in 2

If you need an example of it like written down on a script I’d be happy to screenshot mine and show you what I mean :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes please I would really appreciate an example of your script

Sometimes the first number stays the same while other times it changes and in my case it didn’t change as you can tell

Ohhh right, thanks so much :slightly_smiling_face:

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