Zoom directing Help pls

Hi guys, I am working on a story but I am facing a problem with the zoom (sry my English is bad )
Every time I want to zoom on a character I script it and save it but when I preview it the camera zoom in other places, if u can help I will be so grateful

can you show your code please?

ok just 1 sec


@AURDERY stands screen center AND AURDERY faces left

@HAZEL stands screen left AND HAZEL faces right

@HAZEL starts idle_armscrossed_angry_loop

@transition fade in black 3
AURDERY (talk_neutral_unsure)
Hazel are you ok?

@zoom on HAZEL to 300% in 0

    HAZEL (talk_armscrossed_angry_loop)
You won't believe what dad just did today

@zoom on AURDERY to 300% in 0

    AURDERY (talk_awkward_loop)

@zoom on HAZEL to 300% in 0

    HAZEL (talk_angry)
He married a poor woman and she has daughters the same age as us, which means that we will see them every day at school.

@zoom reset
@AURDERY is react_shocked_awe

    HAZEL (talk_exhausted)
What are we going to do now

    AURDERY (talk_repulsed)
But the only thing I know that I can't go to the same school with those girls

    HAZEL (talk_sarcastic)
You didn't even saw their outfits

    AURDERY (talk_apathetic)
We can't go to the same school with a town's girls

    HAZEL (talk_armscrossed_shifteyes)
I think I have an idea

@transition fade out black 3

when the scene started the camera zoomed in another place idk why

Hey if the scene is another zone u have to mention that at first

really? but this scene is in zone 1

Yeah i mentioned it then it worked btw i had also this problem but it was in zone 2 so u can try

Okay thank you so much!

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