Zoom Directing (The Art of the Zoom Made Easy)

Hiiiii :blue_heart::v:t3:I’m RudeInception and today we will be discussing Zoom Directing. This method will allow you to zoom wherever you want to on the screen. Here we go:

Zoom directing is made easier when using the Episode app for help. The following image will serve as reference:

Taken from my story LOBITA

When you open the app to preview your story, you’ll want to click on Red and then click on Black.
Blue is used to toggle between Focus and Zoom.

  • In order to use Zoom you drag your fingers across the screen. This makes the screen zoomed in.
  • In order to use Focus you drag your finger across the screen. This shifts around the screen while zoomed in.

The Green resets the zoom to its default percentage.
The Yellow gives you the command you need to add to your script.

In general the command is:
@zoom on X Y to % in T

X = X axis (left to right)
Y = Y axis (up and down)
% = percentage of zoom (default percentage is 100%)
T = time it takes the screen to zoom (0.1 – infinite)

X and Y are controlled by Focus
% is controlled by Zoom

EXTRA TIP: To open up a scene that is already focused and zoomed in, add a 0 in place of the time.
(@zoom on X Y to % in 0).

PS: I know a lot of new authors are asking about the popular zooming from head to toe. My girl, @Apes has made a guide on this. Check it out: Guide


how do you add a continuously zoom while the character is still talking

& zoom on X Y to % in 3

Hey, zoom into me as continue to talk like this and like that…

You can modify the number of seconds to what suits your scene

thank u

how do you zoom going up like how do you zoom onto your background

oh nvm i got it

How can we zoom in another zone?

Like zoom into another zone or cut to another zone and it’s already zoomed in?

&zoom on 123 23 to 167% in 2
@pan to zone 3 in 2

Hopefully that should work.

NOTE: Remember to change the background name, zoom, time and zone to suit your needs.
NOTE: If you don’t specify a time for the pan, the default will be 1 second.

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