Zoom help error!

so the problem is that for some reason my zooms arent lining up. and i keep fixing the zooms incase thats the issue, but they still dont line up, and they end up zooming somewhere else.
and so when i reset zoom to see where it takes me, it goes straight to zone 2, when the zooms are coded to zone 1.
heres my script:

&overlay CHEER PAPER create
&overlay CHEER PAPER opacity 1 in 0.5
&overlay CHEER PAPER shifts to 39 286 in zone 2
&overlay CHEER PAPER scales to 0.157 0.157
&overlay CHEER PAPER moves to layer 1

&overlay RED THUMBTACK create
&overlay RED THUMBTACK opacity 1 in 1.5
&overlay RED THUMBTACK shifts to 56 330 in zone 2
&overlay RED THUMBTACK scales to 0.024 0.024
&overlay RED THUMBTACK moves to layer 1


&CARMEN spot 0.716 129 235 in zone 2
&CARMEN faces left and CARMEN is think_rubchin
&zoom on 384 327 to 262% in 0
@transition fade in black 3.5

    CARMEN (think_rubchin)

| bold |(Cheer,|reset|Huh?)

#zoom full paper
@zoom on 360 320 to 844% in 0
@pause for 1.5

###zoom red line
@zoom on 362 327 to 3490% in 0
@pause for 1.5
@zoom on 370 327 to 3591% in 4.5

#zoom black bottom
@zoom on 364 291 to 3591% in 0

@pause for 1.5
@zoom on 384 327 to 262% in 0.5

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I notice this too, but I figured out that if you’re in a different zone than what you’re trying to zoom in on, it does some weird zoom to a place I didn’t code. The only way I managed to get a part like that to work is to go to the zone I’m trying to go to, and then zoom. Like @cut to zone
and then @zoom on. The zoom reset typically brings you back to the zone you were zoomed in at. I don’t really know if this is what you meant, but it sounded similar to a struggle I had, so I decided to say this, hope this helps! :sweat_smile:

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put " in zone # in 0" that should work…