Zoom help! I need help

Does anybody know how to have a zoom follow a character?

it depends what oyu mean by it

if you want from reseted zoom zome to some place in time

if it is in one zone you just use zoom in time

if it is in more zones you use combination of zoom and pan


&pan to zone 3 in 10
&zoom on 320 195 to 400% in 10
@CHAR walks to spot ### in zone # in X

if you have alfeady zoomed and you want in this zoom to fallow the character its pretty the same just you keep the % of the zoom same this time

sometimes oyu have to play with times to time it exactly as you want - especially if the characters enters the screen.

It might not be so clear so maybe show me your script what oyu are trying to do and I will write you the code

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Thank You

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