Zoom help needed

How do you get zoom to follow your character?

Do you mean this code?

@follow CHAR to screen [SIDE] in zone #

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I think so. Thank you! But what do you mean by [SIDE]?

left, right or center

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What if you want the character to be walking somewhere specific, can you use spot directing with this?

Can also read this:

Good luck!

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No problem :wink:

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It told me that there is “too many values to unpack.” What do I do?

Can you show me what you wrote?

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You’re using the follow command with spot directing. You can’t do that.

Try this:

&pan to zone 2 in 2
@YOU walks to spot 0.289 73 364 in zone 2 in 2 AND YOU does it while animation

*replace animation with a walking animation that’s available

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But the zoom doesn’t follow her like I want it to…

That’s strange, it should work :thinking:

The pan lasts 2 seconds and so does her walking time.

P.S if you’re making her walk to a rear spot, the generic code is:

@CHARACTER walks to spot S X Y in T AND CHARACTER faces left / right AND CHARACTER does it while walk_rear

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Let me know how it goes ^^

If you’re still not sure, perhaps you can try this:

&pan to zone 2 in 6
@YOU walks to spot 0.289 73 364 in zone 2 in 6 AND YOU does it while walk_rear AND YOU faces left

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No problem :sunny:

And Happy Early Halloween! :jack_o_lantern: :orange_heart:

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ty! You too!

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