Zoom help + overlay help

this numbers you gent when you move the overlay in preview window ad copy the commad from there wia copy button - it eorks both with the nuber or without it.

can you please give here your overlays? I will replay it in my profile to see the problem

Also question - do you want the overlay to move and scale in the same time or do you want it to shift first and only after it to scale?

Because if you want both in one time than your code is not right and it actually might be the problem.

Use & in case you want it happen in one time - like this:

&overlay MERMAID PWER shifts to -275 -531 in zone 2 in 2 using easeout
@overlay MERMAID PWER scales to 7.696 7.696 in zone 2 in 2 using easeout

also I am really not sure if you can use easing function with scale…but maybe yes…I never tried but if it will not work just in case try it like that

&overlay MERMAID PWER shifts to -275 -531 in zone 2 in 2 using easeout
@overlay MERMAID PWER scales to 7.696 7.696 in zone 2 in 2

im gonna try that but here are the overlays

pv1_back_BLUESPARK_5431962710114304_a59a2e5b65cbc05729b34f738b7dbc15 pv1_back_MERMAID_PWER_4588766359781376_a59a2e5b65cbc05729b34f738b7dbc15

which one is the BLUESPARK -the bigger blue one?


so I tested it …strange is in you video the green overlay comes to centre of the screen but I see it comming to the right corner…
.how ever the movement with this easing function gives it strange loop which I am really not sure you want (looks odd to me)

I tried just simple linear movement and shift and it works fine using &…just check the spot you want to be at the end - it should be on the character on the left?

&overlay MERMAID PWER shifts to -275 -531 in zone 2 in 2
@overlay MERMAID PWER scales to 7.696 7.696 in zone 2 in 2

thank you for doing all this i really appreciate it i put this in and its great i actually like the ways this looks thank you :blush:

also the kind of loop you see when you do the second zoom…

this is general problem

episode cant from some reason make linear zoom if you before already have zoomed on something

To make it liner between 2 zoom you eather have to have the % the same (so it only shiftts to side) or you need to keep the cordinates the same.

This is dumb but that is how the zoom is programed so there is no way how to make it linear from random zoom to random zoom.

wow thanks for telling me the whole time i thought it was me putting it in wrong

nope this is generall isue …so far as I know there is no other solution than I desctibed… :smirk:

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Hi how do I use limb overlays to cover my character’s original limbs? help needed URGENTLY

Put it over the limb over the limb you want it to cover. Under the preview box is another box that tells you the coordinates. Copy that and put it into your script.

you need to use layers

Can you help me with overlay

Maybe I can help with that? Just pm me the issue you’re having if you’d like. I’d be happy to help you.

I would like laptop, desk and food overlay plz

Oh, you’re meaning you’re looking for overlays lol yeah that I can’t help with sorry. I thought you needed help with coding. I would suggest starting your own thread in the “art resources” category asking if someone has these. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you sen me examples of some your work plz

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