ZOOM issues help pls!

I have been trying to do a simple zoom code of zooming into my story in 5 seconds. every time the zoom plays in the previewer, the zoom is off centered. So instead of just zooming straight into where I want, it loops around to the side of the screen AND THEN gets to where I need it to be. It is super annoying pls help!

@speechbubble is 110 143 to 100% with tail_top_left
LILAH (talk_neutral)
Lemme see.

@CORA starts show_phone_happy
@pause for a beat
@zoom on 441 154 to 319% in 5
@transition fade out white in 2

My scene is already zoomed in at@zoom on 1144 358 to 123% in 0 from the beginning of the scene. If I add zoom reset before the second zoom that I want, it just looks super weird and not smooth

If you’re talking about how the zoom curves, here’s some info on how to avoid that.

Thank you so much! I will see if I can tweak anything and make it work!

is there anyway to make something like “&zoom reset” paired with my zoom like more smooth?

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