Zoom: need help asap

Hey everyone, how do I zoom in on two characters at the same time? I tried doing that but it didn’t work. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me as soon as they see this :sob:

You need to zoom on a spot for that, there’s no command for zooming on a person as far as I know. Go to the zoom helper, zoom onto the spot you want, then copy the spot’s location and past it in your script ^^

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Yeah Luna’s suggestion sounds the best. If you wanted to switch back and forth between the characters while zoomed in, just write the script right after one another.
@zoom on CHARACTER to _____% in ___
@zoom on CHARACTER to _____% in ___
Joseph Evans on youtube has a great tutorial of basic zooms and advanced zooms!


Omg I had no idea there was a command to zoom on a character xD

Yep yep. I swear every time I scour the internet I find something I didn’t know about. I’ve been racking up the resources lol

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thanks :blush:

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thank you :sob::heart:

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Actually there is

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You have to press directing helper and press
Zoom helper

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thank you, but what do I do after?

Zoom to where you want it

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how does that look in the script? Do I need to write it in a different line or just keep it on the same line?

You write it on a separate line ( skip a line from where you last stop typing)

Example: line 1262. Code goes on line 1264

Did this help? :thinking:

Before this happens, Liv comes up from the bottom of the screen and walks very fast to were she is now and he’s walking up there in a loop. 02%20PM