Zoom on overlays

Hey guys I need help on trying to zoom on an overlay. I was watching videos but they were showing me how to zoom on characters and not on overlays.

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on portal in the preview window go to the show helpers
then camera

there is zoom and focus

simpy use it till you will be zommed as you like

push the copy button and paste it in your code

this way you can zoom on anything.

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Thank you and the crazy I just figure it out but I do have another question if you don’t mind me asking.

sure ask :smiley:

Are there different transitions then simple @transition fade out black 4? because I want to switch up the fades and transitions but I don’t exactly how to change it.

yeah there are several transitions:

copided from Dara:

@transition style direction

@transition style direction color

@transition style direction T

@transition style direction in T

@transition style direction color T

@transition style direction color in T

transition style and directions

  • fade in
  • fade out
  • iris in
  • iris out
  • shade up
  • shade down
  • curtain in_left
  • curtain out_left
  • curtain in_right
  • curtain out_right
  • curtain in_top
  • curtain out_top
  • curtain in_bottom
  • curtain out_bottom

transition colors

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red Yellow
  • Orange
  • Magenta
  • Gray
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Thank you so much because I was having so much trouble.

I’m having trouble writing it in my script. Is it possible for you to write an example for me please?

@transition fade out black in 3
@transition fade out black
@transition fade out in 3
@transition fade out

@transition iris in
@transition iris out in 3
@transition shade up in 3

are a few examples for you! (:

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thank you for the assist it helped I was typing in the whole sentence


no problem!

Hi can I ask a question here if u don’t mind @Epsiode_Nay.
My question is that is something wrong with the shades up and down transition? It does not works neither on my mobile nor on the previewer

here you have more to it

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hey i can try on my end to see

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thank you

it works @Miss_Infinity.

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In my case it just performs transition fade oit twice and moves on with the script whenever I use it

that how it appear on mines as well @Miss_Infinity

here you have examples how the transitions look like:

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