Zoom on the wrong zone

I’m trying to zoom on a certain overlay, located on 110 300 but when I try to zoom on it it zooms on zone 2 (take into account that the scene is in zone 3) I tried adding a @cut after it and also @pan but nothing works

&zoom on 110 300 to 300% in 0
@cut to zone 3

&zoom on 110 300 to 300% in 0
@pan to zone 3 in 0

I think because zone 3 is from 640-960. So you’re going have to change the 110 to somewhere in that range. (use the focus tool)

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I use:

@cut to zone #
@zoom on x y to % in 0

I agree with the first post, you might actually need to adjust your zoom coordinates. I guess you could try zone 4 instead for cutting/planning (if you’re sure that your coordinates are correct) and see if that works, but you shouldn’t have to do that. :thinking:

If you wanted to though, you could put them both on the same line, I know this won’t fix your problem but it’s just something that you might prefer:
@cut to zone # and zoom on x y to % in s

I don’t know what’s the focus tool.

  1. I’m not sure which cordinates I should use
  2. I already tried using Zone 4 but it just said it was an error…
  3. I always do that, but I thought that if I’ll add the cut afterwards it might first zoom on zone 2 and then move the zoom to zone 3 (didn’t work obviously)

Click on “Show Helpers” on the ride side then click on “Camera”. Click on “Focus” and drag it to the overlay.

have you tried to go to the zone first?

Ugh… Thx, but never mind! I realized what to do which your first suggestion and I just had to add 640 to the X!