Zoom Reset doesn't work :(

Hey Guys!

The zoom reset doesn’t work :frowning:
Script: @zoom on 320 133 to 159% in 2
@pause for 1
Hi! I’m Milo! My family has had me for basically their whole life! I love this family and I’m about 3 years old!
@zoom reset
@pause for 1

Try adding @zoom reset before the character’s name and dialogue

No I want it to be a zooming on the dog

try changing it to @zoom on 0 0 to 100%

I want to stay the same way I did it :thinking:

they mean the exact same thing but if zoom reset isnt working that one might

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Now the zoom isn’t working

Remove on and see if that helps?


Nope doesn’t work

if you remove that the code wont work at all

Well this is strange, the zooming normally works :thinking:

I got it to work! i just needed the pause for a beat

@Sydney_H You can close this

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Closed by OP request :smiley: