Zoom spotting help

I am working on my first story, so this is a little new to me !! I tried looking on youtube, but I couldn’t find anything :grimacing:
I was wondering how to “pan” from one spot to another? Like say if you are zoomed on another character and you want to zoom onto the other? Kind of like a side zoom if yanno what I mean?

I’m not exactly sure what you mea, sorry, but you could try adding your zoom command and then using the @pan to zone command.

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i will try that, thank you !!

No Problem! Tell me if it works.

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i have an example of what i mean but it won’t let me post it !!

i took pictures of the video

image image

(credits to falling for the twins)

I’ve panned to a spot while zooming before too and putting the zoom and pan before did the trick.

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thank you !!

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