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Zooming. I didn’t use any zooms at all when I first started writing episode. I couldn’t do it, but I looked for help on YouTube, and now I know how. Open up your episode app on your device, and wait for it to load. Click on the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen. Scroll down, and click on the create option. You may now need to log into your account, so do that (it’s super easy). Now select the story you are working on and need help with the zooms. Click on the directing helper option, and from there go to the zoom helper. You can zoom to anywhere on the screen. To move the focus of the zoom, select the option on the left of the screen that says ‘Change tool: Focus’ or something like that. You can now move around the screen until you find the bit that you wanted to zoom on. Under the three options on the left, there should be a set of numbers. It will say something like @zoom on 159 418 to 395% in 0. The 0 is the time it takes to zoom. When it is a 0, it means it will go straight to the spot you are zoom on. Increase that number for it to take longer to zoom there. Type this bit into your script on your computer or laptop where they are necessary, like this:
@CHARACTER stands screen center
@zoom on 159 418 to 395% in 0
@CHARACTER is deepbreath
@pause for 2
@zoom reset


Hello! That’s definitely a useful tip!

I thought I would also add to it by saying that the preview function on the web creation has a simple way that you can zoom with very little hassle!

  1. Write your scene without zooms and add a MASSIVE pause where you want the zoom to be (I usually go for @pause for 500)

  2. Press the “Preview” button and get to the part of your script where you want the zoom to happen.

  3. Click on the “directing helper” function on the web creation.

  4. Press “zoom helper”.

  5. Drag your mouse up and down the preview screen to zoom

  6. press “switch tool focus” to change where you want your zoom to go to on the screen

  7. There should be a little “copy” button underneath the preview. Press that and add it to your script where you want it to be.

The pasted command will look something like @zoom on x y to s% in t (if you replace the letters with numbers).

x is the x-axis on the screen. y is the y-axis. s is for the scale (how much you want it zoomed in. 100% is the farthest away you can get it properly). t is for time.

If you want it to slow zoom instead of jumping to the new zoomed place, change the t to the number of seconds you want it to zoom for.

For example, if you want it to zoom for 5 seconds, put @zoom on x y to s% in 5

The ampersand (&) will make the action happen at the same time as what happens after it, so if you want to have a zoom happening during the dialogue, use & instead of @ at the beginning of the zoom.

I hope this helps!

Thank you so much! It’s fine that you added this, I don’t mind. :purple_heart::joy:

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