Zooming help please

I don’t know whether it is technically called zooming.
However, I want to have people in the distance and people who are in front and the camera zooms going past the people in front.

I hope that makes sense to someone.

Can you put a sc of the error?
First you have to work with layers
Eg @Me moves to layer 1 and you moves to layer 0 meand you will be at the background

You can use @zoom in or &zoom in
But I sc of the error will better

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I haven’t written it yet, as I am unsure of how to do the coding for it. Which is why I was asking :slight_smile:
I saw it in another episode story that I read and wanted to use it for a beach scene.

Do you need help learning how to use zooms or are you having a script error?

check this posts: