Zooming help with Preview

Hi! I just finished writing my first episode and I wanted to make it better so I went back to add a zoom. I coded everything, but when I go back to preview, its still zoomed in. I put @zoom reset before and after the zoom, but it still won’t go away. Does anyone have advice or did I miss something?

Have you tried previewing the scene on the app?

it works on the app, but not when I preview it, and I am trying to spot something else, but I can’t because its zoomed in.

Well, if everything looks how it should on the app, it may not be your script. I’ve been having problems with the preview on the portal for months now, so I’d suggest you either refreshing the page, log in and out or just check it on your app. Again, if in the app it looks normal :sweat_smile:

Okay thank you! I’ve been having an issue with preview for a while too now. Have you written in classic?

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Yeah, I’ve seen many people posting about having issue with it too. No, when I started writing Ink was already out, and when I published my first story Limelight was out… so I’ve only have published with the limelight style :sweat_smile:

oh okay, I’m just having this issue with classic outfits changing on preview

Oh, then it may not be the style per say, but more like a glitch in the preview. I have the same problems, sometimes it won’t even load, it’ll just show an error…

I really don’t know anymore :woman_facepalming:

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Awe, I know it can be frustrating… but maybe you could try submitting a ticket? They could give you more answers about this :thinking:

I already sent two tickets :joy::sweat:

Well, never mind! :joy::joy::joy: just check on the app for now, that’s the best advice I could give you…

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lol yes thank you for the help though! I appreciate it

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You’re absolutely welcome! :blue_heart:

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Ah yes that sometimes happens to my story the only way to fix that problem is either to restart the page or reset the episode

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